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I empty the gla.s.s into the trash bin and settle for corn dogs in the fridge. After I eat lunch, I set out on my journey to find Sara. I get my backpack and filled it with food, water, flash light, rope, knife, gun, and batteries. I was going to search until I found her. I was planning for a long trip. Lots of batteries and food and water. Lots of it.

Without another word, I left the house, forgetting about Victoria.

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The woods seem like a scary place. But when you are trying to find the daughter the Shadow Man stole makes it even scarier. A building comes to my eye. Ragged, tore apart, dirty. It was abandoned. But if I was the Shawdow man, I would take someone here.

The sun was setting, the sky was purple, but it was becoming hard to see.

Click. My flashlight was on. I go in side the door less building, and to my surprise, there was no graffiti inside. This place must have never been found by those vandalizers.

It was dark, but then I kept going. Then there was a wall. Was this all there was? I look down. A hole. A kneel. I crawl to the other side.

A light shaped like a rectangle, size of a fist, but it was barred up. It produced a egg color. But it was so dim you could hardly see anything. And the lights were spread out, leaving patches of black. But it was enough light for me to stop using my flash light. And stop wasting the batteries. I walk down the hall. Then there was a fork in the road. Should I go left or right? But then I stop thinking. Footsteps. I stiffen. But then I see him. To the left hall stands the Shawdow man. I run to the right. the halls concrete walls turn into wooden panels. Doors fill the hall,and so I turn and enter on of the rooms. Inside was a bedroom. Nice and cozy. But he only problem with it was the lamps on the bed sides were knocked down, and the bulb inside them was broken. Blood on the floors, and the beds were not made. A note lay in the side of one of the beds, so I pick it up and read it.

"If you are reading this, I am dead. This place, you don't want to be here. Trust me. They take people that have no life, and they do things to us. They make us forget our past, they make us insane.But I'm not like that. They can't get me to be. Whatever they do, they can't make me the, the abomination they want me to be. It's like I'm immune. But, John had been taken out of the room one day, and he never cam back. They had made him one of those things. And he had escaped. And he is killing every one that comes in his way. And when your reading this, and I'm not here, then John might have forgotten of me, and thought I was one of those men who turned him into to that thing, and killed me. He is pounding on the door know. And I don't have enough time to live. He is in here right now and I don't have much time lef"

The note ended there. By time I was done reading, I have forgotten I was being chas

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