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wwayoverthenow2 > Hunter Of The Forbidden Region > Chapter 1 Part1
“Shuo ge2-- Shou ge!”

A starling with a fully-black body and gold yellow hair on the top of its head flew inside an adobe house. Fluttering its wings, it landed on the shoulder of a young man.

Adobe house

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The young man was around 25-6 year old. He's wearing an old set of Zhongshan suit, bespectacled, and a cigarette resting on one ear.

Zhongshan suit

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Opened up on top of his desk was text book of literature cla.s.s for second graders.

His name is Lin Shuo, he came to this border region of southwest China six years ago and became the subst.i.tute teacher for the only grade school within a hundred miles.

He stopped and put down the fountain pen in his hand and looked at the starling. Smiling, he removed the cigarette from his ear and lit it with a match and handed it over to it.

The starling stood on one leg and skillfully took the cigarette from him with the other and started smoking it with its beaks.

Smoking, the starling spoke, “Shuo ge, I almost didn't make it back.”

“Bulls.h.i.+t,” Lin Shuo rolled its eyes, “Who could touch you in this area?”

“Shuo ge, we've been brothers for dozens of years and faced life and death situations more times than we can count. When have I ever lied to you?” said the starling in a very mature manner. Then, c.o.c.king it's head, it blew a puff of smoke into Lin Shuo's face.

Looking serious, Lin Shuo asked, “Do tell.”

“Three modified SUVs are heading our way. Brands that are not available here with temporary licenses. I spied on them for a while and a military grade rifle appeared out of the window. Lucky I fled fast enough.”

The starling even gestured while it was talking, like it had undergone transformation3.

After a period of silence, Lin Shuo nodded to signal he understood.

“I think they are coming for you,” said the starling meaningfully. “Shuo ge, it's been six years since the incident, you should resurface at some point.”

Lin Shuo did not comment but smiled and said, “Lunch is still warm, go and have some.”

The starling nodded and flew away.

The smile slowly disappeared from Lin Shuo's face. Staring outside the window, there was regret on his face.

It's been six year, and someone finally found him?

The living h.e.l.l he had experienced six years ago, is he going to have to experience it all over again?

His heart began to ache. He turned pale and his fingers trembled. He fished out a pack of cigarette from his breast pocket and lit one.

Surrounded by the swirling smoke, he seemed to be reliving that thunderous night all over again. The rain that night was the color of blood.

After that day, he decided to retire from meddling with all inexplicable things in the world. He took Xiao Ba4 with him and settled down in this nameless village, thinking that n.o.body would be able to find him.

That would just be too good to be true.

So what if they found m

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