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wwayoverthenow2 > Hunter Of The Forbidden Region > Chapter 6.1
After they have deboarded the plane, there were more travelling to do.

Three days later, Lin Shuo and the group finally arrived at Dzhalinda – a small town in the far east of Russian.

This border town sits on the north side of Heilongjiang, and borders Meho, China by just that. The residents mostly have black hair and darker color skin like that of Asians. Most of the residents are fishermen or lumberjacks.

Naturally the living condition here was nowhere close to that in Chun Ning. The guest rooms were dimly lit and the bed as hard as steel.

Lin Shuo slept soundly nonetheless. A total of 19 individuals plus the bird, Lin Shuo was the only one that has his own room.

Whether he was sitting down, lying down, or standing up, Lin Shuo had been sleeping majority of the time through the entire trip, with the large ebony box upright next to him, and the chatty bird on his shoulder.

Everybody has gotten used to that.

The next morning after they have arrived at Dzhalinda, Lin Shuo rose exceptionally early for a change. Leaving through the decrepit door of the hotel, Lin Shuo stood in the outdoors squinting his eyes from the bright light of the sun.

Even at 3,000 kilometers from the north tropic of Cancer, but summer at the far east can still reach 30 degrees Celsius. The time now was end of summer and beginning of fall, the temperatures vary greatly between day and night times.

Granted, this was not comparable to heading into the mountains during the worst season of the far east, but thinking about their target this trip, Lin Shuo's mood was heavy.

When his eyes finally adjust to the sun, the first thing he saw as Anne the beauty.

Out here, Anne dressed very differently from her usual white collar outfit. She had on full outdoor outfit. Not only did she appeared to be efficient and ready for business, her outfit further accentuated the curvature of her body.

At the edge of the forest just outside the hotel, she was stretching against a white birch tree with one foot high up on the tree branch while standing on the other.

Noticing that Lin Shuo was approaching her, the beauty put her leg down and walked in front of Lin Shuo, “Good morning, Mr. Lin. Please get ready, we will be leaving in an hour.”

“Looking at your stance here, how many years have you trained?” asked Lin Shuo.

“Oh, I have trained in both judo and Taekwondo,” Anne smiled lightly, “Don't worry, Mr. Lin, I won't become a burden.”

“What you have practiced won't be useful on this trip,” Lin Shuo shook his head and walked into the white birch forest.


Anne didn't see Lin Shuo again till ten minutes later.

“I won't do it again, Shuo-ge!” The starling was being held in Lin Shuo's hand, struggling violently.

Lin Shuo flicked the starling on his forehand with his fingers from the other hand and said solemnly, “What time do you think it is now? You just can't control your bird down there? You have been gone all night!

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