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The adults sat on the bamboo folding chairs or folding stools with their palm leave hand fan and kids ran around the locust tree.

Bamboo folding chair

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Bamboo stools

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Palm leave hand fan

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When they saw Lin Shuo, they stopped chattering and starting greeting him in their regional dialect:

“Instructor Lin, how are you?”

“Instructor Lin, who are all these people?”

“Instructor Lin, are you taking a trip?”

“Instructor Lin, how long are you going to be gone? What about my kid's study?”

Lin Shuo paused for a second then turned around and placed the ebony box upright next to the SUV.

Smiling, he walked over to the locust tree. Raising his pant legs a bit, he sat in one of the folding stools vacated by a villager and started chitchatting with them.

They were conversing in a heavily accented regional dialect. Neither Anne nor Wei Xingshan could understand a word they were saying.

Thirty minutes had pa.s.sed and the sky was completely dark.

The mercenaries had long since finished removing the back seat and just waiting for Lin Shuo to take off.

Anne stood and waited patiently by the SUV but Wei Xingshan couldn't quite control his termperament, “What's that b.a.s.t.a.r.d going on and on about? It is going to take another 7 hours to get through the mountains.”

Anne just ignored him. Vice captain Liu Qing said, “Captain Wai, that is normal. Be a little more patient.”

Wei Xingshan remained silent for a while, then pointed at two mercenaries next to him and then pointed at the ebony box sitting next to the SUV, “Hey, you two, hurry up and put this box inside the car. It's dark outside, and a coffin next to me. So creepy.”

The two mercenaries smiled and carried out his order right away.

Both soldiers were about 1.8 meters (approx. 5 ft 9 in) with a st.u.r.dy build. None of them gave the box a second thought. They went over to both side of the box and planned on directly carrying the box into the car.

One of the mercenaries gave it a push and let out a “huh?”. The ebony box didn't give way at all.

He gave it another push. Still, the box didn't move, but the mercenary took a step back.

“What? You haven't had lunch yet or something?” Teased his teammate then he grabbed the box with both arms and tried to lift it.

He gave his all his might and the color on his face changed. He turned as if he wanted to say something to Wei XIngshan but finally didn't say anything.

“Oh, c'mon, step away you two!” said Wei Xingshan impatiently. “This is embarra.s.sing. Here, let me!”

After he was done talking, Wei XIngshan took a couple step forward and grabbed the black sash hanging down on one side and lugged it over his shoulder.


Still the box didn't move.

The remaining dozen or so mercenaries gathered around and one of them said, “Captain Wei, do you need some help?”

“No.” replied We

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