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In this slice-of-life novel I’ve written, I was experiencing the most violent event as an involved party, to be exact, as a victim.

Strange letters I didn’t recognize were carved into the walls above each entrance to the numerous rooms of the Demon King’s castle. However, I was able to read them.

Although this, too, was a common setting, it still felt uncomfortable, maybe because I was experiencing it myself.

You didn’t know how it felt to suddenly be able to read letters you were unfamiliar with, until you experienced it yourself.

I passed by numerous rooms, including the dining hall, the kitchen, the armory, the magic item storage, the alchemy lab, the prison and the kennel.

Of course, there were no signs pointing to a secret passage or something.

I mean, it would have been weird If they put something like that on display, but couldn’t they at least mark it like an emergency exit?

I must say, it felt really strange being able to read a language I have never heard of before, but that couldn’t be helped now.

Naturally, the layout of the Demon King’s castle, which never appeared again after the Prologue, didn’t magically appear in my head!

In those other possession stories, when a writer or an avid reader entered the book’s world, they immediately knew what to look for.

That was just ridiculous!

I didn’t have a single clue about these things, even though I wrote it!

I’ve never thought about stuff like that. Why should I describe or imagine places that weren’t part of the main stage?!

Although, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have remembered the layout even if I set it up properly!

Even the things I was wearing were just those fancy clothes the demonic royal family wore, not a single special magical item.

-Kugong! Kugogogong!

This place was as complex as a maze… I didn’t know if I’d ever find an exit, but in this situation I had no other choice, but to just wander around through this castle even though I hold the title of Prince of the Demon Realm.

Let’s think.

I didn’t really know what I was hoping would happen, but I had to think.

There’s no way to find out the structure of the Demon King’s castle no matter how long I thought about it, as I didn’t even know it to begin with.

I didn’t even see any of my loyal subordinates that could help me out or tell me where to go.

Shouldn’t there be someone like this sticking to my side?

They’d provide explanations on this world’s common sense and the current situation without being prompted to.

Something like: “Oh, this is this and that, but in this and this situation, this is where you’d blah, blah!”

They’d either die right after they fulfilled their role or they became my advisor!

Why didn’t I have someone like that?!

Just because I was this novel’s writer, did they think I didn’t need someone like that?

The Demon King would die in today’s battle.

I didn’t know if there was a genre for this, but I tr

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