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“I really don’t have any idea what to call this. Were you born with God’s blessing…. Or was this some type of supernatural power…?”

The counselor looked puzzled.

However, I knew what caused this.

I could certainly force an ability that I originally didn’t have to become my talent using achievement points. Even if I didn’t have enough points to do that, the possibility was still there.

Therefore, I was currently in a state where I could have all the talents in the world. I was born possessing every aptitude in existence, so that it wouldn’t be impossible for me to get certain talents.

The counselor seemed dumbfounded.

“In this case…. I don’t know if it would be possible. Having an aptitude in both swordsmanship and archery wasn’t really a problem, but if this data is correct, then Reinhardt can use both black magic and divine power.”

I could both wield the power of darkness, as well as holy power. Of course, it would be impossible to be able to use both of them at the same time, but it was possible for me.

“B, by the way…. There has never been a case… that a child was granted a special admission only based on their aptitude a, and not on talent……”

The counselor seemed to think that this wasn’t a problem he could solve with his authority alone.

“Then he could be admitted to Temple, right?”

Daibun seemed to block out the details and only heard what he wanted to hear.

“Thi, this is such an unprecedented situation, but as this is such a special case….”

The counselor blankly nodded their head.

“Perhaps, I think.”

“Good for you, man!”



Daibun slapped me on the back and shouted.

That almost killed me!

In the end, it seemed it was just a delusion that I knew my condition best.

Through Daibun’s useless insistence, I could now see for sure what my condition was like.

I didn’t know something like this would happen.

* * *

“An aptitude for everything?”

“Yes, that’s what they said.”

Loyar’s eyes widened when I told her the inspection’s results.

It wasn’t over just with the counselor’s words, after that a professional wizard appeared to precisely check my talents. So after suffering for a while it was confirmed that the judgement on my aptitudes was true.

“Hey, isn’t that a lot more than we expected?”

That’s what she said, but I could feel the tremendous admiration in her words. Even the previous Demon King wouldn’t have been like that. Although I had no talent, I was born with the aptitude to acquire talents in any field.

This may just be a correction caused by being able to interfere with my body using this system, but that correction in itself was already a tremendous ability.

These aptitudes included even opposing aptitudes.

It was possible for a person who had no talent or aptitude for swordsmanship to become a master swordsman by training swordsmanship, however it would be very difficult.

One had to overcome th

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