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wwayoverthenow2 > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 16
"Francesca! I heard about your wickedness from Ange-chan!"

"To bully such a good girl…"

"Don't think that it's okay for you to do what you want just because you're from a Duke's family! We won't stand for this!"

Angelina's entourage was a total of twelve people. They were aristocratic sons and their faces were well put together. However, they were lacking a certain spark which made them feel somewhat plain, and they had the atmosphere of having no experience with women. This was why Angelina was so successful in convincing them.

"Our Ange-chan is an angelic young woman, to inconvenience her… you demon!"

"Hiding such evil behind a kind face, what a black-hearted woman."

"Such an ill-natured woman can definitely not be the Second Prince's fiancée."

The attack of the boys', before anyone noticed, had devolved into slander. But while they were unaware of that, they continued to attack her personally, convinced that they were 'knights of justice protecting poor Ange-chan'.

"Wait, wait a moment. It's not me."

Naturally, Francesca would not stay silent. Her delicate voice made an objection… but, the vilification of the boys' was stronger than that, her voice was drowned out by them.


It was a single-minded one-sided torture, soon Francesca's voice was blocked.

Hey, why? Why won't all of you listen to what I'm saying? I didn't do anything wrong. Ripping up Angelina-san's textbooks, dirtying her uniform… I never did these terrible things. Yet, why did you decide that I did?

… Perhaps.

This could also have been a fated event. In the original, there was a similar scene. Just before the ending, Angelina would condemn Francesca who had been bullying her. The event was called 『Condemnation』. Because this was an event that was determined by fate, now, it's no wonder that no one would listen to my story.

In Francesca's heart, resignation was gradually spreading. If it's determined by fate, whatever you do will be useless… She looked down to conceal her eyes. Closing her heart off like a sh.e.l.lfish, in order to make it hurt as little as possible, she would try to pa.s.s this situation by.

She tried to, but.


The back of her closed eyelids were hot. Tears were close to spilling out.

Hm…? That's strange. Why, I seem to be crying.

This unreasonable world, though I should have gotten used to it long ago, why was it so sad. It can't be helped if fate[1] made me out as a bad person here. I was convinced of that, so why was it so frustrating.

I wanted to tell them again. It's not me. I didn't do it.

But doing this sort of thing would be useless. When fighting against fate, the result doesn't change. When my mother died, I realized that.


…Is that really so?

Because, wasn't Leon not like the original? He did not fall in love with Angelina at first sight. Instead, he was extremely wary and thought she was a spy from another country. Even his personalit

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