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wwayoverthenow2 > Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won\'t Stop Approaching Me!? > Chapter 19
"There are other people I have to punish."

Leonhart began the act right after the words left his mouth, the development was too bewildering for Francesca.

Afraid of the word punishment, the boys started fussing among themselves.

"Wh-why would we have to be punished!"

The first to raise their voice was a male student with a large build.

"It's not our fault! We were deceived by that girl, Angelina!"

His face was bright red as he pressed Leonhart, Angelina was still in a daze as they pointed towards her.

"E-e-exactly. Rather, you could say that we're the victims!"

A student with gla.s.ses was wiping his cold sweat with a handkerchief, scrambling to form words.

"As the prince you should only be punis.h.i.+ng the villain, yes?"

"Right! It's enough with only Angelina!"

"Please overlook this!"

"We're only students! This is only a silly fight among fellow students!"

"Don't think that you can do anything just because you're from the royal family!"

"This is oppression! Tyranny!"

Six other male students ganged up on Leonhart. However, Leonhart was completely unfazed and only uttered a few words,

"…Silence, you trash."

There was an overwhelming sense of intimidation emitted from his whole body, he stared at them coldly with his blue eyes. With just that, the boys were frightened into silence.

"Francesca is mine. Get it, my fiancée, my lover, my most important treasure in the whole world… To lay a hand on her. Is something I can not overlook as a man."

"B-but! For such a selfish reason, you're going to punish us!"

One of the six people, a round faced boy objected, looking deathly pale.

"Isn't it natural. Francesca is my, the Second Prince's fiancée. To gather around and condemn her, isn't that like seeking a fight with the royal family."

"We didn't expect it to come to such a thing! We're only students! Please overlook this!"

A male student wearing white nervously cried out as he scratched his hair.

"You idiots. To think that anything can be forgiven just because you're students. Rather, if fools like you were to venture out into the world, the honour of each house would decline without fail, the dignity of n.o.bles would be looked down upon as a whole… Cancer like you should be removed early on."

"—Y-yo-you can say whatever you waaaaaaant!"

It was Viscount Ibis's second son Adolph who screamed. With his spider-like long limbs he tried to hit Leonhart.

"I was only stating the facts… Congratulations. This is rebellion against the royal family. I'll be sure to invite you to prison."

Adolph's fist never even grazed Leonhart. Leonhart had bent his upper body slightly and dodged Adolph's fist, slipping under his chest in a fluid motion, he strongly struck underneath Adolph's chin with the heel of his palm.

"Ah… gah…!"

Dan! The violent impact of the sound echoed, Adolph's body flew through the air. He fell to the ground unconscious.

"How foo

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