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Break The World Starting From Dragon Clan Chapter 412

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Lu Mingze paused, then slowly said, "...World Tree."

Lu Chen and Lu Mingfei were both stunned, Lu Chen didn't expect Lu Mingfei was not one of the gods he imagined, but the World Tree that carried the homes of the gods.

Lu Mingfei is completely stunned. He expected that he would be a variety of monsters, but he also thought about it for good. The most handsome and strongest deity is his incarnation.

In the end, he is not a god, nor is he a monster, he is not an animal!

"But aren’t you and Lu Mingfei twins?"

Chu Zihang was a little puzzled. He heard Lu Mingze call Lu Mingfei’s big brother, he seemed very close. .

Who knows Lu Mingze shook the head, "It’s not..."

He changed his voice and looked towards Lu Mingfei, "But my big brother is indeed my big Brother."

"It's a bit messy, why should there be a brother in World Tree?"

Caesar looked at Lu Mingfei with a bewildered look.

Lu Mingze explained: "We have a very good relationship. We have always been with us. Of course, he is my big brother. He is not the kind of twins between monarchs that you think, but our bond is unbreakable. The so-called brother is not just a blood source, just like the four monarchs, nor is it all about loving each other."

Lu Chen recalled slightly, what Lu Mingze really said was Xia Mi and Fenrieux. The relationship between Bronze and Brother Wang, the dragon of fire, is delicate, but when it comes to the king of ocean and water, the taste changes, and they want to kill each other.

The King of Sky and Wind is even more ruthless. One of them not only wants to kill his counterpoint, but also wants to kill all the monarchs...

"But if Junior Brother Lu If it’s World Tree... it’s too weak, right?"

Lu Chen looked at Lu Mingfei and felt that something was wrong. Without his own training and various reinforcements, Lu Mingfei would be at best. It is better than an ordinary person.

Lu Mingfei also looked embarrassed when he came back to his senses, and looked towards Lu Mingze, "You won’t be bluffing us? How could I be World Tree? Even though I will move. The category of creatures is not counted, but World Tree should be the largest creature born after Ymir’s death, and I don’t think I am very much."

Lu Mingfei has always been self-knowing. Although it is a tree or something, it sounds a bit strange, but World Tree should be a very powerful individual, but for the first eighteen years, he belonged to the lower reaches of the ordinary person.

"I don't know how to joke about this kind of thing. Either I won't tell the big brother. If I say it, I won't lie to you. Big brother think about it, did I lie to you?"

Lu Mingze has an innocent look, and his expression is like an innocent male child.

But Lu Mingfei spit out: "I think you rarely tell the truth..."

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