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also raised interest, looked at Lu Mingfei, and asked Lu Mingze: "So strong?"

If Lu Mingfei can complete the "super evolution" ", wouldn't the last battle be much easier.

Lu Mingze nodded, "Of course, in the past, for the same reason as Niederhogg, the World Tree could not move and attack sentient beings. This is also one of the original constraints, but now the World The Tree has been destroyed, and the big brother has also been reincarnated. Those constraints are naturally passed away. From the Life Level, World Tree is definitely on the same level as Niederhogg, or even higher. It has the probability of defeating the opponent. Yes."

"Is it just a probability?"

Caesar thought, Nono was resting in the room at this time. After being tossed for a few days, he couldn't help it for a while.

"Because in this world, it’s not who’s bloodline is pure enough. Higher Life Level means absolute advantage, otherwise Ymir will not be killed. In fact, it depends on who is stronger. Fighting innate talent and experience is just like Daxia Lu. For example, in the battle with Constantine, at first, he was inferior to the Dragon King in terms of strength, power, and bloodline, but he won in the end."

Lu Mingze looked at the big brother a little helpless, "Everything else is easy to say, but in terms of battle, the big brother is not the little bit worse than the black king. Even if the Life Level is higher, it will be difficult."

As he said, he put on a salesman-like smile again, "So we have to look at us, Daxia Lu."

Lu Chen didn't float away because of Lu Mingze's compliment, but he thought about it for a while and said:" But anyway, can the power in Junior Brother Lu be maximized?"

"That's it."

Lu Mingze looked towards Lu Mingfei "So...big brother, do you want to get it back?"

Lu Mingfei wanted to say, "I need to talk about it!?"

But he opened his mouth and couldn’t open it. The mouth is gone, like a voice in his heart has been reminding him that he must not do this.

This is the intuition from the soul. It seems that if he does this, he will lose the most important things and make a big mistake that is hard to repent. It is like a mountain made of iron. There will be days and days. remorse.

For a while, he suddenly understood something, "The content of the transaction...the so-called cost is not what you said before, right?"

Now Lu Mingfei is not the same as before. Noob, you can take away your 1/4/2021 soul or life in one transaction. If the other party has this ability, you don’t need to trade with yourself.

The so-called transaction is more like obtaining one's own permission, passing a certain hurdle in one's heart.

Lu Mingze sighed, "Big brother, you really have grown up. You only left me when I was young..."

He said with a bitter smile: "Big brother That’s right, how am I willing to take away the soul and life of my big brother? You just need to be sincere and sure about this ma

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